Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PrincessWe believe every woman deserves the support and assurance that a doula can offer.  Below are a list of our services.  If you have any concerns regarding our fees, please let us know so that we can put together a package that will better accomodate your needs.

~Free Consultation~

We will discuss your views of birth and answer any you questions you have about doula care.  This is also a time for us to discuss your concerns.  Our basic package will be  introduced and we will form-fit it according to your needs.  In no way are you obligated to our services at the end of this consultation.  If you decide that you would like the help of our doula team, then we will go over and sign our contract with you.  We will then set up the next visit.







~Prenatal Visits~
Included in our basic package are two (2) prenatal visits, preferably in your home.  It is important for your partner to meet us and be involved.  We will go over any concerns you have about  your pregnancy and/or birth, and talk about any prior birthing experiences you have had.  Pain and pain relief will be addressed and we will help you to develop a birth plan.  At our second visit, we will practice some relaxation techniques and labor positions. This is a good time to meet your partner if we have not already done that, and make sure that your partner is involved as much or as little as they feel comfortable. 

~Labor Support~
We offer 24-hr. on-call service beginning at 38 weeks gestation.  Whenever you feel that we are needed, is when it is time to call.  Once your labor has begun, you can call and we can come to either your home and be with you, or to the hospital.  It is important that you are relaxed, so wherever you feel the most comfortable, is where you need to be.  Once you call for labor support, we will be with you until you are recovering and settled.  This includes helping you when you first breastfeed your baby.  We will come back to check on you and your family later that day or the next day, while you are still in the hospital.                               

After your baby is born, we will come to your home and help with answering any questions you have regarding breastfeeding, caring for your new baby, and your needs as well.  Two postpartum visits are included in our Basic Package, each of which is a 2 hour visit. Sometimes, we find that new moms forget all the details of the babies' birth and would like to have some of the blanks filled in for them.  Maybe, you just need us to watch the baby so you can get a nap.  Just let us know what we can do.  

We are excited to now offer LACTATION SERVICES!  Just in case you need some extra help in those first few days when your milk comes in, we offer you a free hospital or home visit from a lactation consultant and a follow-up visit.  We want you to be successful!

Total Cost:  $750

We would be glad to offer any referrences or referrals that you might need.  Just ask!

We don't mind questions, so feel free to call, email or text those to us!



~~Childbirth Education~~

Do you want quality classes, in your own home, where you are able to ask questions in confidence?  We have those, too!  If you decide later that you want doula services, then your class fees will be applied to your doula fee.

2 Classes for $200


~~Extra Services~~

We offer extra time for you and your family with our hourly rates: $20/hr. during the daytime and $25/hr. at night (9PM-6AM).  During this time, we can help you with:

~Organizational tips, helpful parental tools, establishing routines, and tips on baby purchases
~Extra help when babies have colic and showing you how your diet affects your babies' tummy

~Help with sibling adjustment and some ideas for making them feel important

~A set of extra hands for parents of multiples