Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Having Sabrina as our doula was a true blessing for our family.  The prenatal visits were most helpful in preparing us for the arrival of our little one.  We had planned on having as natural of a labor as possible and ended up having a scheduled c-section due to last-minute complications.  I was unsure how Sabrina would be able to help us since I would not need coaching during labor.  I soon realized how essential her presence would be when she met us at the hospital the morning of my c-section.  She was able to ease my worries, calm me down and keep me distracted from what was about to happen.  After our precious baby was born my husband left with the baby to go to the nursery, and Sabrina was able to come in the operating room with me for the remainder of my surgery.  She sat with me, talked with me and made me feel safe.  She stayed with us a good part of the day and helped me with breast feeding, went to get lunch for us and did anything she could think of to help.  Postpartum she has assisted with breast feeding and has kept in touch with us for weeks to make sure that everything is going well.  Her advise has been priceless.  She was a lifesaver and a God send for our family.  I would recommend Sabrina as a doula for anyone that wants to have the best possible experience for the birth of their baby, no matter what type of birth it is."

~Christina & Jason