Saturday, May 30, 2020

"My whole experience with Sabrina was amazing.  She came along when I was about 7 months pregnant.  I had a difficult pregnancy and she was very supportive of my husband and I.  I love how she made sure that Adrian, my husband, felt apart of the whole experience.  She was always there if I had a question or concern.

When it came to the delivery, I decided to be induced.  She was there EVERY step of the way.  I wanted to have no pain medication.  She was there with my husband praying with me, rubbing my feet and being a sweet presence.  After 7 hours of labor and only being dilated to 4 cm, I decided I did want that epidural!  Sabrina was supportive then too, and full of information.  She made me feel as though I was making the best decision.  When our son, Neco Roman, was finally coming into this world she was there with my husband helping me through the delivery.  It's hard to even put into words what it meant to have the extra support.  All in all, Sabrina is an amazing doula, and I will use her services again!"

~Jennifer & Adrian