Saturday, April 04, 2020

Rebecca attended my last two births as my doula and was a continuous support during my pregnancy, labor, delivery, & the postpartum period. She helped me suceed in meeting my goals of natural delivery both times and when I had breastfeeding problems afterwards she was always available at any hour to comfort and educate me and seek out resources. She was the voice of reason, speaking words of encouragement during each contraction. After delivery she even offered to go run out & bring us back dinner! She also offered to help take a few pictures to capture some sweet moments with my precoous blessings. After each delivery my husband remarked to me later that "She was worth every dime!" Her presence allowed my husband to be calm, knowing that any need I had, she was quick to respond with a possible solution. I praise the Lord he sent me Rebecca to aid in accomplishing bringing two beautiful babies into this world.

-Steffani and Tyler