Tuesday, June 18, 2019



Cesarean Preference Options

...because you should NEVER run out of options

Comfort Measures

Wear your own labor gown

Wear a hospital gown

Students not allowed in the room

Students allowed in the room

Low overhead lighting

Natural lights only, during the daytime

Talking kept to a minimum and/or whisper

Introduce each member of the team

No non-essential personnel

No noise in the OR

Personal music in the OR

Healthcare Provider’s music in the OR

No audible noises from machines

Quiet audible equipment

Audible equipment doesn’t bother me

Do not restrain my arms

Place IV in my non-dominant hand

Place heart monitors on my back in order to not interfere with skin-to-skin

Peppermint oil use for my nausea or my husband to not pass out

Support People

Partner present in the OR

Doula present in the OR

Partner and doula present in the OR

Partner switches out with doula in the OR if baby must go to nursery

Support person present for spinal


I want to watch in a mirror

I do not want to watch in a mirror

Clear draping so I can see my baby as he/she come out

Standard drape

Quiet the room as baby is being born for me to hear just the baby

Do not announce gender

Let partner announce gender

Announce gender

Umbilical Cord

Optimal cord clamping (when done pulsing)

Delayed cord clamping (1-3 minutes)

Immediate cord clamping

Partner cuts cord

Healthcare provider cuts cord

Partner trims cord

Surgical Procedures

Inform and receive consent for all drugs prior to surgery

Double-layer suture

Single-layer suture

Hysterectomy: Remove everything

Hysterectomy: Remove only what is necessary

Hysterectomy: Removal at HCP’s discernment

Please keep possible future vaginal births in mind when doing surgery


Planned Timing

In early labor

Once active labor has begun

Scheduled at ___weeks ___days


Immediate skin-to-skin (all procedures)

Immediate skin-to-skin (some procedures)

Immediate skin-to-skin, but procedures done at warmer

Do not wipe baby down before skin-to-skin

Clean and dry baby

Bathe baby before I breastfeed

Please do not bathe my baby

Baby stays with mom if there are no concerns with baby

Baby meets mom in recovery

Uninterrupted bonding time

Do not suction if there is respiratory effort

Routine suctioning

Low-temp: skin-to-skin

Weigh/measure the baby after bonding

Weigh/measure baby at HCP’s discernment

Limit touching of baby by multiple people

Assign a breastfeeding friendly nurse to me

Assign a lactation consultant or nurse that is a great breastfeeding teacher


Kangaroo care with partner

Kangaroo care with doula

Kangaroo care with _______________

Partner goes with baby to the nursery (if nursery is required)

Doula goes with baby to the nursery (if nursery is required)

___________goes with baby to the nursery (if nursery is required)



None (P / V)

Early labor (P / V)

Active labor (P / V)

In the OR (P / V)

Nothing below the waist (P / V)

Nothing with nudity (P / V)

Professional photographer

Personal photographer

Cultural/Religious Requests

I prefer female caregivers

Please be quiet if you enter the room and I am praying