Wednesday, September 30, 2020

     prtsesfw I am Sabrina Elliott.  My husband Bruce and I are the parents of 6 children.  Our kids are 22, 15, 13, 12, 10, and 8.  I home school all of them, and have for the last 9 years.  Originally I am from Lubbock, Texas and have lived in Abilene for almost 10 years. 

 I was inspired to become a birth doula while teaching a sibling class at one of the local hospitals.  My heart is to improve maternity outcomes for the women of Abilene and the Big Country.  Educating families about their choices is one of those ways.  I also strive to have a good relationship with my clients as well as the hospital staff, and others who provide resources in the community.

     While I am a DONA certified birth doula, I continue to receive prenatal, labor, breastfeeding and postpartum education so that my clients get the best care.  I have been a Certified Doula since October 2010, and have been a doula since November 2009.  In 2013, I became a Breastfeeding Educator.  I also offer placenta encapsulation, sibling preparation and henna belly art!  Some potential clients call me when they are researching options as they are planning to become pregnant, and some call when they schedule their first OB appointment.  I have even had some call when they thought they were in labor. 

     I love helping women and families achieve the birth they have dreamed of for the last 9+ months.  Call me, and together, you and your partner can KNOW a better birth experience!

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Here is what a few others are saying about Sabrina:


"Sabrina was an understanding servant during the birth of our baby boy at home.  She worked tirelessly to help Danyel feel comfortable.  She massaged her back for what seemed like hours, she LISTENED to our needs and jumped at the opportunity to meet them.  In our minds, she epitomizes the servant that her title as "doula" derives it's meaning from.  She worked with the midwife on all levels and helped provide an excellent birth experience for us...she even got us breakfast after a long morning of labor.  We recommend the pancakes and Sabrina's doula services wholeheartedly."

~Brandon and Danyel

"Having Sabrina as our doula was a true blessing for our family.  The prenatal visits were most helpful in preparing us for the arrival of our little one.  We had planned on having as natural of a labor as possible and ended up having a scheduled c-section due to last-minute complications.  I was unsure how Sabrina would be able to help us since I would not need coaching during labor.  I soon realized how essential her presence would be when she met us at the hospital the morning of my c-section.  She was able to ease my worries, calm me down and keep me distracted from what was about to happen.  After our precious baby was born my husband left with the baby to go to the nursery, and Sabrina was able to come in the operating room with me for the remainder of my surgery.  She sat with me, talked with me and made me feel safe.  She stayed with us a good part of the day and helped me with breast feeding, went to get lunch for us and did anything she could think of to help.  Postpartum she has assisted with breast feeding and has kept in touch with us for weeks to make sure that everything is going well.  Her advise has been priceless.  She was a lifesaver and a God send for our family.  I would recommend Sabrina as a doula for anyone that wants to have the best possible experience for the birth of their baby, no matter what type of birth it is."

~Christina & Jason


"My whole experience with Sabrina was amazing.  She came along when I was about 7 months pregnant.  I had a difficult pregnancy and she was very supportive of my husband and I.  I love how she made sure that Adrian, my husband, felt apart of the whole experience.  She was always there if I had a question or concern.

When it came to the delivery, I decided to be induced.  She was there EVERY step of the way.  I wanted to have no pain medication.  She was there with my husband praying with me, rubbing my feet and being a sweet presence.  After 7 hours of labor and only being dilated to 4 cm, I decided I did want that epidural!  Sabrina was supportive then too, and full of information.  She made me feel as though I was making the best decision.  When our son, Neco Roman, was finally coming into this world she was there with my husband helping me through the delivery.  It's hard to even put into words what it meant to have the extra support.  All in all, Sabrina is an amazing doula, and I will use her services again!"

~Jennifer & Adrian


"Sabrina was so awesome to have as our doula.  Would not have changed a thing of my labor, and the coping techniques she provided.  Best of all, I had my baby med-free and concentrated on what my body was telling me, and my breathing." and "For my back labor, the counter pressure did wonders, as well as moving around to get the baby to flip from sunny-side up.  Sabrina was such a blessing to my husband and I emotionally and was very compassionate."

~Jennifer & Brian


"Sabrina, girl you are so awesome!  I am so thankful God brought you into my life to help with the birth of sweet Larkin.  I wish I'd had you in my life for the first two go-arounds!  I appreciated all your suggestions on ways to work through labor- so helpful - but your calm demeanor and reassurance and spontaneous prayers were of the most benefit,  believe.  Thank you, Sabrina!  You are special to me"

~Brandon & Jana


"Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation you invested in our growing family.  Thank you for your bravery in listening to God and in turn blessing us.  We will be your #1 advocates as you live out your passion as a doula in Abilene!" and "My labor went so quickly, we may not have made it to the hospital if it wasn't for Sabrina!  She was amazing and such a calming presence!"

~R & A


"Sabrina did an amazing job for us!  I highly recommend her!!"



"Sabrina knew exactly what needed to be done to move my labor along. She provided phenomenal emotional and spiritual support before, during and after the birth. Don't have a baby without Sabrina!"